The Beautiful and Historic Williamstown

We are located in the prominent close knit Bayside community of Williamstown which is known for its beautiful historic sites, attractions and Beautiful beach & Bay.

There’s plenty to see along the way, including art galleries, historic monuments and of course Williamstown Pastry Bar Cafe! You can even get out of your car to enjoy the scenic Beach views! All in all, this attractive suburb has it all!

Craving a little slice of heaven?

100% Buttered Croissants Grass-fed Beef Pies Grass-fed Beef & Lamb Sausage Rolls Danishes Donuts Assorted Tarts

Welcome to Williamstown Pastry Bar! We have brought a little slice of heaven to Williamstown, with our Unique Patisserie. We are an Artisan Bakery & Cafe serving cakes, home made donuts, grass-fed pies & sausage rolls and much more, with our Executive Pastry Chef bringing 15 years of Baking knowledge to Williamstown Pastry Bar. 

Quality & Love For Baking.

Warm & Fluffy.

Passion for pastry.

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