Behind The Baker.

About The Creator

During my childhood there was something that had always drawn me towards the smell, colours and artistic looks/appeal of bakery window displays. With all the different cake stores and patisseries I have been surrounded with, from the vibrant food markets in Melbourne, it has only inspired me and helped grow my passion to open Williamstown Pastry Bar.

To get to where I am, I have gained great  knowledge, experience and techniques working alongside seasoned expert bakers and pastry chefs. My next step was to train at the world renowned ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) founded ‘French Pastry School – Chicago, Illinois within the United States. This experience focused a lot on my training towards chocolate and confectionery work.

With the combined years of practice in technique and skills as well as knowledge and hard work, it has brought me here today to share the love I have for baking and patisseries with others with my own twist and cuisines.

Vision & Philosophy

the vision and dream behind Williamstown Pastry Bar is to share the love and passion for simple and complex handmade artisan breads, pastries, and desserts in a warm industrial setting that celebrates Williamstown – its old heritage and history.

This vision is echoed by the love and passion for producing high quality products by utilising premium quality ingredients including, Australian products, French butters, as well as the highest quality Belgium and other European Couverture chocolates. The sourcing of the freshest and most premium ingredients is paramount to our operation and producing the highest quality products is our key philosophy – and this will truly resonate when you take your first bite.